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Mechanical Engineer with focus on robot mechanisms and controls.


My name is Kevin Low. I'm currently a Master's Student at Carnegie Mellon University. I design mechanical systems for robotics applications.

I've been involved with robotics since middle school and passionate about a career in designing and controlling robotic systems. I'm currently working as a researcher at the Robotics Institute's Soft Robotics and Bionics Lab, where I'm working on several projects.

The next step I have in mind for my career is to develop robotic systems that will enhance human life. One field I'm particularly interested in is creating robotic systems that eliminates dangerous jobs still being conducted by humans. There's no need to risk a human's life for a job a robot can complete it more efficiently and consistently.

Other than being a roboticist, I enjoy playing board games and strategy computer games, swimming, and playing basketball. However, I still work on side robotics hobby projects in my spare time.


The best way I learn is by applying my skills.



Rapid Prototpying

Design Optimization

MatLab and Simulink

CNC Machining


My heart is in the work. - Andrew Carnegie

Carnegie Mellon University

Mechanical Engineering - Master of Science - Expected Graduation Year: 2016

Masters research involving fiber optic sensors (Fiber Bragg Grating) embedded in the structure of a lightweight, 3D-printed finger for very sensative force-feedback control. Three fingers with sensors were configured into an underactuated gripper to demonstrate its force-sensing capabilities.

Carnegie Mellon University

Mechanical Engineering - Bachelor of Science - Graduated: 2016

Honors undergraduate research focus on designing an underactuated, anthropomorphic robotic hand that only used two actuators to control 15 different hand configurations. The hand demonstrated gripping, pinching, and creating hand symbols that would otherwise require many more actuators.


The only source of knowledge is experience. - Albert Einstein

Gecko Robotics

Mechanical Engineer / Pittsburgh, PA / 2016 - Current

As a mechanical engineer at Gecko Robotics, I primarily work on mechanical and mechanism design for our boiler-pipe inspection robot. From sketches to analysis to rapid prototyping, it is my job to ensure the robot will have peak performance by the time it is required to conduct inspection.

Robotics Institute, CMU

Summer REU Recipient / Pittsburgh, PA / Summer 2015

As one of the few recipients of the REU grant as part of the Robotics Institute Summer Scholar’s Program, I worked with Professor Yong-Lae Park on exploring and developing underactuated mechanisms for robotic grippers. As the result of this project, I was able to create an anthropomorphic robotic hand that only uses two actuators to independently control all 5 fingers.

Silicon Valley Edu. Foundation

Elevate Math Instructor / Sunnyvale, CA / Summer 2013

During the summer of 2013, I was honored to work with high school math teachers to help me explore my passion for teaching. As a course instructor assistant for SVEF’s elevate math program, I not only helped teach middle school students pre-algebra, but also managed their performance to optimize one-on-one instruction with them. It was also my job to encourage students to apply to college, sharing experiences and memories that alleviated the seemingly difficult nature of college.


A whole bunch of interesting projects.

Window Washer

CMU Mechatronics Spring 2016

Smart Phone Stabilizer

CMU ME Design 2 Spring 2016

SCOT-T CubeRover

Google Lunar X-Prize Rover Prototype

Embedded SMA for Stiffness-Tuning

CMU Soft Robotics Spring 2016

PCKMAN - Lower-Limb Prosthetic Socket

CMU Biomechatronics Fall 2015

Underactuated Prosthetic Hand

Soft Robotics and Bionics Laboratory

Design 1 Robotic Gripper

CMU Design 1 Spring 2015

FBG Sensorized Multi-Fingered Gripper

Soft Robotics and Bionics Laboratory

Coffee Cup Holder

CMU DIY Fall 2016

WiiMote Box

CMU DIY Fall 2016


CMU DIY Fall 2016

Silicone Molding

CMU DIY Fall 2016

Clay Modeling

CMU DIY Fall 2016


CMU DIY Fall 2016

Headphone Stand

CMU DIY Fall 2016


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